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Central Station





Central Station Monitoring

Provided 24 Hours

A Day!

Dispatching Includes:











*No Long Term Contract!


*No Hidden Agreements!


*No Catches!


*Billing Every 3 Months!


*10% Discount If Billed By The Year!


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What is a "Central Station"?

A "Central Station" is where your alarm system sends it's information to enable

a dispatcher to send emergency personnel to your premises. Keeping that in

mind it is extremely important that you have a qualified "Central Station" with

state of the art monitoring equipment. The primary central station that Ace Alarm

Systems uses is: Cops Monitoring. Cops Monitoring is nationally recognized as the one of the best central stations in the country. When shopping for a central station it is difficult to know the true qualifications of one over another. The one question you can ask is: "Is your central station U.L. certified?" at which point if the answer is yes then you can be sure that the central station is independently certified by "Underwriters Laboratory". "Cops Monitoring" is a U.L. certified central station! OK, we have established that our central station is equal or better than the competition, why on earth would you want to pay more?




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