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 The following information describes the "Associated Locksmiths Of America's" (A.L.O.A.) "Proficiency Registration Program" (PRP). The purpose of this program is to classify Locksmiths by their ability through testing. There are 3 Levels of classification: Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL), and Certified Master Locksmith (CML). To qualify as a CRL you must pass 10 mandatory plus 2 elective categories which will give you a total of 12. To continue on to the CPL level you must pass 12 additional electives giving you a grand total now of 24. To achieve the highest level, CML, you must pass 9 more electives to have a total of 33. The electives are limited to 36 categories all of which pertain to Locksmithing and or the Security Industry.  The minimum passing grade for any elective is 70%.
The preceding information includes the category and scores that Rufus Hardeman had to pass in order to achieve the level of CML.

33 Electives (*Denotes mandatory)

C-01 Alarms basic 84%                                         C-18 Key blank duplication 87%
C-02 Alarms advanced 72%                                  C-19 Key impressioning 87%
C-03 Automotive domestic 84%                            C-20 Keyless mechanical 76%
C-04 Automotive foreign 70%                               C-21 Lever locks 75%
C-05 Door closers 70%                                         C-22 Motorcycle locks 70%
C-06 Codes and code equipment 87%                    C-23 Locks, opening technique 87%
C-08 Cylinder Service high security 71%                C-25 Safe deposit locks 75%
C-09 Cylinder service I.C. 77%                               C-27 Lockset, functions 87%
C-10 Cylinder service pin & disc tumb. 87%           C-28 Lockset installation 83%
C-11 Cylinder service special app.. 75%                 C-29 Lockset, servicing 87%
C-12 Cylinder service tubular 76%                         C-30 Masterkeying basic 87%
C-13 Electricity, basic 87%                                   C-31 Masterkeying advanced 83%
C-14 Electro mechanical basic 92%                        C-32 Safe installation 80%
C-15 Electro mechanical advanced 76%                  C-33 Safe opening & service 78%
C-16 Exit hardware 83%                                       C-35 Detention locks 87%
C-17 Key blank identification 87%                         C-37 Locks, cabinets, mailbox, 87%

 The Associated Locksmith Of America began this testing in 1987. Prior to this program
independent skill and aptitude certification did not exist in the Locksmith industry. The A.L.O.A. program is still the only nationally recognized locksmith certification. This program benefits the professional locksmith by giving him or her independent certification of the skills necessary to be proficient in today's Security industry. Consumers benefit because it allows them another way to distinguish the amateur from the professional.  Is your locksmith A.L.O.A. certified?


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