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Fire Detection






The Fire•Lite MS-5024 is a 24-volt, five-zone Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) with Built-in Communicator and two Style Y Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) including 3 amps of NAC power. The integral communicator transmits event information (alarms, troubles, supervisories, faults, etc.) to a UL listed central station. The MS-5024 may be used in a variety of cost-effective applications, including: local fire alarm control panel (communicator disabled), fire alarm control panel/communicator, stand-alone sprinkler supervisory communicator or slave communicator to a UL listed host fire alarm panel (requires N.O. dry contacts to trigger five channels). Selectable transmission formats allow the MS-5024 to communicate to virtually all central stations.


BG-8 Series

The BG-8 Manual Pull Station is a metal pull station that provides a single-action, normally-open contact alarm initiating point for use with UL listed Fire Alarm Control Panels.



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