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High Security Locks

Residential Application


Why high security locks form my home?

Here is a list of 7 things that thieves and intruders do to break into your home:


#1 They drill the lock

Maxum is built with strategically placed hardened steel inserts that prevent drilling.


#2 They hammer the lock.

Maxum is made of solid brass and it secured with high tensile steel bolts for maximum resistance.


#3 They saw through the bolt.

Maxum's bolt is made of hardened steel, and is virtually impossible to saw through with a common hacksaw.


#4 They kick in the door.

Maxum's strike plate has a special design with 2 inch screws to anchor the strike directly to the studs.


#5 They pick the lock.

The patented side bar double locking design makes Medeco locks virtually pick proof.


#6 They wrench off the lock.

Maxum's solid brass collar spins under pressure so a wrench is ineffective.


#7 They pry with a crowbar.

Maxum's hardened steel bolt is surrounded by heavy-gauge tubular steel to resist crowbar attack.

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